If you ever want to feel like in a fairy tale, visit this castle :)

Path around the Bojnice castle

Behind the scenesI know I posted a photo of the BMW just few days ago, but I was playing more with the photos, and finished editing another one, so why not post it also :) And here you can see why I chosen this location. The repetition and vanishing point in the background is just great, even if I left it out of focus.

Still will have to practice more with more cars until I will really be satisfied with my car photos, but as this is not my main subject, this will take a long time. I’m also again including a behind the scenes photo, this time one where I’m also in the shot :)

This is a HDR from 5 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
One more with the BMW E46 COUPE

behindI had this beautiful car available for a small photo-shoot today. As always it’s nice to shoot something different from time to time. Took me a long time to think of a nice (or interesting place) to go to, but in the end I remembered that there is a not very used road right under the highway close to my flat. So that’s where we went.

I took quite a few photos, so you will probably see more of them here. I regret a little that I forgot to use a polarizing filter, to try at least to remove a little of the reflection. But one learns best on ones own mistakes, so will know next time :) This photo is a HDR from 5 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop. And you can see one behind the scenes shots on the side.

PTGUIThis one really didn’t wanted to be combined. It always was a little off. I even tried to combine it in Photoshop (which I almost never do), but it just refused to work nicely. In the end I had to remove almost half from one of the shots, so the rest blends nicely. You can see a screenshot from PTgui on the side. Repeating texture is really hard for panorama software :)

I took this photo in the spring in the Open air museum in Bardejovske Kupele in Eastern Slovakia. It’s a two shot vertorama, each shot from 5 esposures. Vertorama created in PTgui and HDR blended in Oloneo Photoengine. Finished in Photoshop.
A stubborn vertorama

Just as a little reminder that you can download my free eBook on how to shoot fireworks, how about another photo full of fireworks? :)

This is a single exposure edited in Oloneo Photoengine and finished in Photoshop. You may wonder why I edited it in Oloneo, but the reason is simple. I needed to brighten the dark areas, and the algorithm of Photoengine does a better job, than doing it just in Lightroom.

Even more fireworks

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