A blue sky moment at the Eiffel tower

While I was in Paris last week, the weather was just ugly. Grey clouds covering the whole sky, creating quite a depressing mood. So I thought, as I had time, to walk at least to the Eiffel tower, as I have not been there since last year. And I could not believe it, but just as I arrived, the clouds broke, and for the next hour there was a beautiful blue sky. It was just like it wanted to give me a nice photo. And I took a lot of them :)

Here is the first one, a vertorama (they almost all are, as the tower is of course quite hight). This is a three shot vertorama, each one from a single exposure.

A blue sky moment at the Eiffel tower

I’m back

So I got back home few hours ago after a very busy week. I visited many places, took many shots, have a lot to edit. But I’m also very tired and right now falling asleep over the keyboard. But the updates should start up again, that is until the next time I have to leave.

Normandy American Cemetery

When one hears that there are over 9000 graves in this cemetery, it’s pretty hard to imagine. But as one walks between them, and there are more, and more, and still more as you go further in, the size of it is really overwhelming.

As I spend the whole last week in Normandy, I visited not only the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, but also Omaha beach and the surrounding area. It’s really interesting to see the places that one learned about in school, but it’s also quite depressing. So I will post only few photos from here, and focus rather on the more happier places.

This is a two shot vertorama, the top is from a single exposure, the bottom from two. I used a brighter one to brighten few shadows.

Normandy American Cemetery

Back from Linz

And I’m back. This one was very busy work week. Sorry for not updating, but I just had no time and energy to do so. But will do now again, for at least until the next trip (which is in a week :)).

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower, before, afterThe photo for today, is one from my archives, taken during one of my visits to Paris. I edited it only few days ago. I think I tried it once before, but I did not like the result. But as the skill advance, so one can get more from photos, one would once find unusable :)

So if you are curious, I’m again including a before/after comparison of this photo. You can see as it was right from the camera, and how it compares to my editing result.

For this photo, I used a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower, Paris, France

Learning new things

Beginning of the year is always the time, when I find the need to improve my editing skills. So as every year I go through video tutorials from my favorite photographers and then try to implement what I learned. To tell the truth, I often don’t see much new what I haven’t seen before (I been doing this for a while now :)). Still, it’s great for some inspiration.

And if you need some, here is a list of tutorials that I would suggest.

Quickly approaching rain over Paris

For today, I edited a photo I took already few years ago. This one is from the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris. That day, right as the sun went down, it started raining. The rain movied towards us from the direction of the sunset. It really made for a very spectacular view. Good that the 5D mark II I used at that time is a weather-sealed camera. I could just take photos without the need to hide from the rain.

For this photo, I took 10 exposures. 5 normal and 5 with my hand in front of the sun. I needed the second set to get rid of the lens flares (you can learn on how to remove lens flares here). In the end I used I exposure for the base, one for the sky, and two from the ones where my hand shaded the sun.

And if you are curious, I’m including a before after shot to the side. You can see how the 0EV exposure looked like and how the final shot turned out after about 30 layers of tweaks in Photoshop :)

Quickly approaching rain over Paris, France

What are you playing?

Do you know I used to be a game designer? Maybe those who read the About page noticed :) I don’t do it much anymore, but I of course love to play games. You can actually find me on Xbox Live as HDRshooter and on Playstation networks as miroslavpe. Not that I have so much time to play when traveling, so its probably great that mostly the best games come out in November. Recently I was looking at the Nintendo Switch, if its something worthwhile, but I think I will stay with the PSVita. It’s just and overpriced tablet with no games. The Zelda looks fine, but not really worth to buy a console for a single game. And I just got the Nier: Automata, so have enough to play for a while.

What are you playing?

A hot evening in Lyon

I took today’s photo last August in Lyon, France. I just hope this year it’s a bit colder. It just was so crazy hot there, with very little wind. And those nice clouds you see here, were only in the evening, no such luck during the day :)

A hot evening in Lyon, France
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