Top photography spots – Lyon

Recently I had more time to work on the blog. And as the Top photography spots are the most popular part of it, I’m working on expanding that part of it. So today, I have for you another list. This time it’s the Top photography spots in Lyon. Lyon is just a wonderfull city in France, that you all should visit if you can, and of course get some great spotos.

So head over to the Top photography spots – Lyon page to check them out. As always, all spots show an example image and GPS location.

Lyon, France

Looking up

I quite like taking photos of towers. And the Eiffel tower is just so beautiful every time. Especially this golden yellow color again the blue sky. It create such a natural color contrast.

Have not been to Paris in almost a year now, so I’m not sure how this are looks now. Last time I was there, they were building a glass wall around the bottom of the tower, so who knows. Will have to check it out next time I’m there. But as always looking up is worth it :)

This is a two shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom and finished in Photoshop. I used another two separate exposures for the bottom part, where I removed few people that were too close to the camera.

Looking up, Eiffel tower, Paris, France

Quick updates

I’m experimenting with a new addition to the blog. I tend to take a lot of random shot that I don’t post to the blog, or post as a side note to some updates. So I was thinking on where to share those. The first location would be Instagram, but I tend to share only edited photos there, and I don’t think it would look great to mix it up.

So instead, I created a separate section on this blog. You can see the updates to it on the homepage, right under the latest normal post (so right under this one right now :)). Not much there yet, but I will add more. There is also some more formatting and organisation needed, but that will come over time.

Calm morning reflection in Paris

I have quite a lot of photos taken in the early morning. It’s either I don’t have time during the rest of the day while working, or that’s the only time when a location is empty. A good calm morning reflection is also not bad. You can actually see all my reasons to take photo in the early morning (and some reasons why not) in this list, I posted a while ago.

This photo is a blend of two exposures, all done in Photoshop. Taken before the sunrise from the Pont Mirabeau. If you want to check other suggested locations to take photos in Paris, check out my Top photography spots list for Paris here.

Calm morning reflection in Paris, Eiffel tower, France

Top photography spots – Wachau Valley

I have added a new Top photography spots page to the blog today. This time it’s not for a town or a city, but for an area. To be exact, it’s for the Wachau Valley in Austria. This is a beautiful area with castle ruins, vineyards and small towns country around the Danube. And you can get here by can in about 1 hour from Vienna.

As always, I not only mention the spots, but you also get example photo from the locations together with the GPS coordinates and links directly to google maps.

You can check out the new list here: Top photography spots – Wachau Valley.

Sparkling lights on the Eiffel tower

For today I chosen one a bit older photo for you. This one I took around three years ago (in 2015), while in Paris. And I actually did a lot of photos that evening, that did not work out at all. The Eiffel tower as it is already creates a lot of glow around it. And when the sparkling lights are on, it even worse. And that day, there was so much moisture in the air, that my lens kept on fogging over.

You can check out the image I added to the side here, to see as most of my photos form that evening looked like :)

This is a blend of two exposures, edited in Lightroom, blended in Photoshop.

Sparkling lights on the Eiffel tower, Paris, France

A spring moment under the Eiffel tower

I hope you all have a great weekend. I spending mine doing an early spring clean up of my flat :) And while I was doing that, I though I would also share a spring photo with you. So here is one, from early Spring in Paris. The weather was horrible that day, but about for one hour, it got so beautiful, with nice blue sky and golden sunlight everywhere. So of course I was not the only one there. And while I usually don’t like people in my photos, I liked this scene as a whole, so I decided to include them.

This is a two shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

A spring moment under the Eiffel tower

Endless tram in Bordeaux – plotagraph

I wanted to try a plotagraph where not just the water and sky moves. So I tried to do one from this long exposure morning tram shot in Bordeaux in France. It was not as easy as to get the clouds to move, but after few tries it worked out quite well.

You can see how I used animation points and masking here, in the screenshot on the side.

You can check out my Plotagraph Pro review here, and a guide how to create them here.

(if you use an older web browser, you may only see a static image, if you are on a mobile, please hit the play button to see the Plotagraph in motion)

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