More from the basilica

And here is another photo :). Actually the blending part here was the most simple part of editing. I spend most of the editing tweaking the colors and the trying to correct the perspective. I was’t absolutely centered when taking this, so there was some distortion. But when I fixed it, I lost the head from the painting which is in the top center of the photo. So I had to go back and using warp in Photoshop I corrected only parts of the photo, so the painting is not affected :)

Photo taken in Stephans Basilica in Budapest. This is a manual blend from 5 exposure, edited only in Photoshop with a little help of Color Efex :)
More from the basilica

Very early morning at the Hero’s square

I love shooting during the morning blue hour. Just the problem is, that it’s usually so early, that don’t even the city transport is running yet. That actually happened to me the day I shoot this. I was really hoping to catch the first morning metro ride, but just the line I had to take started a half hour later, so instead I took a nice long walk at 4:30 in the morning :) The city looks quite different at that time.

For those interested, this is the Hero’s square in Budapest at 5am. Manual blend of 4 shots (I took 7). I blended only parts of the monument, as I tried not to edit the sky at all, as that created horrible color bending. Btw. not doing any noise reduction really helps avoiding color bending.
Very early morning at the Hero's square

Entering the Chain bridge

It so great to explore a city after sunset. So many lights, so many great views. And you no longer have to hurry, as by sunset or sunrise. The lights are there for hours. There are some challenges to night shooting, as the lights can create some ugly flares, but with a little practice and work you can overcome that :)

This is a photo I took last summer in Budapest. I manually blended 6 exposures here, using different exposures for the light streaks, the bridge and the surroundings.
Entering the Chain bridge


You never know what you will see when you look up. Just composing is a little harder with the camera pointing straight up :). I found this ceiling in the Gellért Baths in Budapest, really a very nice old place.

I’m not completely satisfied with this photo. And I think I could edit it more and more, and I still would not like it completely. It was just an ugly day. But it’s a great photo to try out and advance my manual blending skills, as the dynamic range was extreme. You just have to think about it, the whole foreground area had no light source at all. Open the full post to see the original exposure.
Framed view

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