St. Stephen’s day fireworks 2019

I have not posted anything yesterday, but I did go to Budapest in the evening, to try and get some photo of the St. Stephnen’s day fireworks over the city. And as you can see, I got some. So today, and the next few day’s I will post photo I got there.

This year I decided to go up to the Citadel over the city, to be able to see the whole show. Usually, the fireworks are fired off from 4 locations, but this year, they were done from 9. 7 boats and two bridges. They were really cool and I really enjoyed them. I did though overexposed a lot of photos, as they were crazy bright. Much brighter than I expected. Still looked good.

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

St. Stephen's day fireworks 2019, Budapest, Hungary

Under the Matthias Church tower

Yesterday’s photo was from under one tower, today we have another. This is the Matthias Church on the right and the Holi Trinity statue to the left. If you ever at this place in Budapest, definitively check out the church. It’s very beautiful inside. And if you have the stamina to do so, try also to walk up to the top of the tower. It’s not the easiest walk, but the view is great. I think it’s the heighes point you can get to in Budapest, not sure if the Citadel is higher or not. Still, it’s higher that the city.

This is a two exposure vertorama, combined and edited in Photoshop.

Under the Matthias Church tower

Morning at the wooden bridges in Bokod

One of the places I really have to revisit is the wooden bridges at the fisherman’s houses in Bokod in Hungary. They are like made to be a perfect photo subject. I took this photo in late 2017 while stopping there for one day. The weather was not the best, as the sky was very bland, even for the sunrise. Still, few photos turned out alright.

This one, is a single exposure, taken with a 10stop ND filter. The bridges make the view looking very wide, even if this is only taken at 25mm.

Morning at the wooden bridges in Bokod, Hungary

Fireworks over the Chain bridge

Good that I did not go to take the photos of fireworks yesterday, as they ended up canceling them altogether due to bad weather. But I still was in the mood to edit another fireworks photos, so here is a photo I have not posted before. This one was taken during the St. Stephens day celebrations in Budapest, Hungary.

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

Fireworks over the Chain bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Evening at the Matthias Church

I had a really “nice” surprise this morning. When I went to turn on my PC, I found out my 34 inch monitor was dead. Would not turn on at all, not even the led light. Not really happy about that. Luckily, I have been using 2 monitors for a while now, so I can work still on my secondary one. But using a 24 inch monitor on it’s own is really a huge change. This is actually the first time I had problems with a monitor. There even is a monitor I bought in 2006 that is still being used on daily basis and works fine. But looks like 4 years was max for this one.

Now I’m not sure if I will go a get a new one, or maybe just get a second 24 inch to go with the one I have now. Or maybe I just stay with this one for now. It’s strange to go to a smaller one, but one gets used to things very quickly. But I do like how clean and empty my desk looks now. So much more minimalist :) Will be hard to decide.

For today I have for you another photo from my archives, taken few years back in Budapest, next to the Matthias Church. It was taken from the walkway that is available on the Fisherman’s bastion there. This is a two shot vertorama, with the top being from a single exposure, and the bottom from three. These three exposure were all taken at the same settings, I did not use them to recover highlights or shadows, but to get rid of the moving people in the photo. If you want to know more about this technique, check out this guide.

Evening at the Matthias Church
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