I haven’t posted any shots from Bratislava in a very long time, and there is a simple reason for it. I haven’t really taken any. It’s usually like that every year. Traveling around during the summer, staying at home during the winter. So like that, most my photos from Bratislava are during the colder months.

So for today, here is one taken in early spring this year. This is a HDR from 4 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.

Moment after sunset

Technique: Oloneo Photoengine, Number of exposures: 4, Camera Model: Sony a7R + Metabones MkIII Adapter, Lens: Canon 16-35mm F2.8, Focal length: 16mm, Aperture: 11, Middle exposure time: 5.0s, ISO: 100, Tripod used: yes, Location: 48.137122, 17.104904

Looking at my recent photos, I see that I haven’t posted a new one from Bratislava in a while now (not counting the drone test :)). So here is a new one, taken a while ago, but edited only today :)

This is a HDR form 6 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.

Bratislava at night

Technique: Oloneo Photoengine, Number of exposures: 6, Camera Model: Canon 5D mark II, Lens: Canon 24-70mm F2.8, Focal length: 16mm, Aperture: 8, Middle exposure time: 10s, ISO: 200, Tripod used: yes, Location: 48.134230, 17.106158

Here is my first photo from the DJI phantom 3 Pro. The quality is a little all over the place, as it was my fist flight, and I focused more on that than on the camera. It needed a little more setup, as for this the auto used a F2.8 and 1/350 of a second, and the photos just weren’t that sharp. Still a lot to learn :) Also, this is a two shot panorama, I just rotated the drone a little and took a second photo.
Btw. flying with the DJI is a lot of fun and its quite easy, just don’t forget to update the firmware, as it will refuse to start without that (and you have to be by a pc to update)

Learning to fly

Technique: Photoshop edit, Number of exposures: 2×1, Camera Model: DJI Phantom 3 Profesional, Focal length: 3.61mm, Aperture: 2.8, Middle exposure time: 1/350s, ISO: 100, Tripod used: yes, Location: 48.164531, 17.169800

Another little timelapse clip. Again I tried a sunset one, as I think those are the most interesting ones. And those are the ones that are the hardest to do. But actually with the Magic Lantern firmware, it’s not so hard at all :)

I’ve been experimenting with timelapses here and there, and I haven’t shared much from that. So today, one of the short clips I took. There is no video editing done on this clip, it’s just combination of all the frames.

I plan to do a longer, more edited video one day, but for now, I only slowly accumulate the clips :)

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