Fast moving clouds over Kuchajda

Kuchajda lake in Bratislava is really perfect for reflection. It’s almost always perfectly calm. That if if you are lucky and there are no ducks or swans swimming around in front of your camera. Still, you will probably get a reflection if you go there.

It’s even better if there are fast moving clouds moving across the sky combined with the sunset right in front of you. Usually makes for some nice colors.

This is a single exposure, double processed in Lightroom and then blended in Photoshop.

Fast moving clouds over Kuchajda, Bratislava, Slovakia

High Tatras in the morning fog

I did not have yet many oportunities to take photos from above the fog, so when I did I did a lot of the. This one is from last year, when I visited Lesnica in Eastern Slovakia, close to the Polish border. From there the view of the High Tatras is great, if it’s not covered by fog. And it was, but it cleared up a bit and I got a shot.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

High Tatras in the morning fog

Cloudy reflection

To keep some variety in the photo, let’s break away from the city ones for today, and have a bit of nature. Today’s photo is a long exposure shot taken at the Strbske pleso lake in High Tatras in Slovakia. It was a bit windy, which created ripples on the water. So to get a a reflection, I decided to go with a long exposure here.

This is a single exposure edited in Photoshop. I used the VFFOTO 10 stop ND filter here.

Cloudy reflection, Strbske pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Autumn view from the park

Let’s do another Autumn view photo today. I took this one few weeks ago in the Janko Kráľ City Park here in Bratislava. I wanted to frame the castle under the branches of the trees, but I could not find a spot from which I got a nice frame. So instead, I tried it differently. Having the tree in the middle splits the photo into two parts, each one having a bright object in it, and ti creates a nice contrast. Hope you like it too :)

This is a blend from three exposures, done in Photoshop.

Autumn view from the park. Bratislava, Slovakia

Light projection on the Bratislava castle

So the photos from yesterday did not work out as much as I hoped to. I did not notice how much the flood lights created flares. I only saw them when I brightened the photos. Looks like will have to try the tower again, but will maybe wait for some snow first. But I did get a nice photo so that’s what I’m sharing today.

I wanted this as a panorama with the full fortification visible. But as right around the right bottom corner here is the flood light, that did not worked out that well. So I focused more on the castle, as there was this light projection on it. I had no idea they are doing this, but it was nice change for the photo :)

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshp.

Light projection on the Bratislava castle, Bratislava, Slovakia
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