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Still doing bracketing?

As you may have noticed, a lot of my recent photos are no longer created from multiple exposures. So you may wonder if I still bracket my shots. And the answer is simple. Yes I do. Even if I don’t use them in the end, the storage is cheap, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I rather have an extra exposure I don’t need, than having a situation where I need one and I don’t have it.

So why I don’t use them? I mostly don’t need to. I still could blend multiple exposures for every image, but with the recent sensors, I get enough from a single exposure. I just don’t feel the need to do blend anymore. Cameras and editing software are good enough for the results I want :)

The huge sun at the horizon

The huge sun at the horizonAnd today’s photo shows what I mean. It’s a sunrise shot, with the sun in it, and still I used only one exposure. You can check out the original shot on the side here and yes, it is very dark.

There are multiple reasons to do it this was. First, I was taking this shot handheld. I would prefer to not, but if you ever been on the Burj Khalifa observatory, you would have seen that the slits in the windows are very slim. And since I used the 12mm lens, I could not get close enough to the glass with the tripod. So having the shot dark, makes it much easier to handhold it, as I used a shorter exposure here.

Secondly, you can recover much more from shadows than from highlights in RAW files. So keeping a shot like this darker makes it easier to post-process.

But as you can see, I could recover the detail from the shadows and I did not need a second exposure here. But, if I had one, I would use it, as that would result in a bit cleaner image.

The huge sun at the horizon, Dubai, UAE

Golden hour in Manarola

Let’s continue with another photo from Cinque Terre area in Italy. This one is for a change from a second town there, the town of Manarola. If you seen a photo from there, you probably seen a view like this before. It’s quite popular spot with photographers, and even the evening I was there, there were at least 10 other ones there.

To get a bit different shot, for this one I decided to go wide and with a vertorama. The clouds were great, even with the sunset behind me. Actually that day I had the best sunset there, and of course it was the day I was not shooting into it. What can you do :).

This photo I took during the golden hour, when the sunlight hit the town and make it look nice and golden. This is a two shot vertorama taken using the 17m TSE lens, combined in Lightroom, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Golden hour in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza after sunset

This photo is exactly from the same spot I took the one posted previuosly. Just this one was taken the day before in the evening. The sunset was not the best, but the blue hour was quite nice. Blue hour usually saves the day if you get nothing for sunset anyway :)

This is a single exposure, mostly edited in Lightroom, with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop.

Vernazza after sunset, Italy, Cinque Terre

Sponsored posts

I have been getting emails with offer and questions of people, who would like to contribute to this blog or would like me to do a sponsored post here. So before I get more, I think I should clear my stance on those.

This is a one person blog. That means, I am the only author of all photos and articles here. And to keep things consistent, I plan to keep it like that (at least for now).

This also means that I will not share any post created by any other person or company here. On the other hand, if you are a company that offers a photography related product and you would like an article/review about it, feel free to reach out. If I find it interesting or useful, I’m opened to do one.

That’s all about this topic, off to another photo here :)

A sunny day in Vernazza

Behind the camera in Vernazza, ItalyI spend the last week in the Cinque Terre area in Italy. I visited all the five little towns there, and I even got some nice photos. The area is just wonderful, with so many great views. But if you don’t like hills and crazy amounts of steps, I would not go there :)

Here is the first one, taken in Vernazza. As you can clearly see, the forecast for the day, rain and thunderstorms, was perfectly correct :). It was equally correct for every other day I spend there.

For this shot, I took 4 shots vertically, to make a panorama. I also used the Nisi polarizing filter, not that much to get more color in the sky, but to get rid of the glare from the water. It worked quite nicely. This photo was combined in PTgui and finished in PHotoshop.

A sunny day in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Dinner under the Burj Khalifa

Not easy to fit the Burj Khalifa into a photo, especially if you also want to include a foreground with it. But here is where the tilt shift lens works so great. With using a vertorama, you can get just so much more into your shot.

This is a three shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

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