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My favorites

Only a few more months and it will be 10 years since I started this blog. Exactly it was the 4th of March 2010 when I posted the first photo here. Crazy how quickly the time passed by. And with that, this is also the 10th My favorites post here. I traveled less this year, so the photos are a bit less varied than from the last years. Still, there were some photos I really like, and those I will share with you today. Let’s see what 2020 brings, let’s hope it’s just better and there are even more photos to share :)

Also here you can see my favorites from past years: 2018,2017,2016,2015, 2014, 2013, 20122011 and 2010 :)

My favorites from 2019

My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019
My favorites from 2019

And to end this post, one taken right in the first minutes of 2019 :)

My favorites from 2019


There has been quite a lack of updates on the blog recently. And for a while, it will be that way. There are multiple reasons, but mostly, I did not have that many opportunities to take new photos recently, so not much new stuff to edit. Also, I returned to a daytime non-photography job now, and that had a big impact on my available time. But I do hope this all stabilizes quickly, and I get back to regular posting.

National Bank as a lighthouse

But today, let’s have a new photo. This is a vertorama of the National Bank of Slovakia building in Bratislava. During the White day earlier this year, that had this light installation on top, which made it look just like a huge lighthouse. So it was a perfect time to get a photo of it.

This shot is a combination of two photos for the vertorama, each one from two exposures. I did more than the two, but with the blur of the bus and the movement in the lights on top of the building, I ended up using only a few. All manually blended in Photoshop.

National Bank as a lighthouse, Bratislava, Slovakia

Black Friday deals

Black Friday is here, and as it’s always the best time of the year to stack up on photography software, services and tutorials, I will share with you here the ones I have found most interesting and worth wile. Not that many yet, but I think there will be more as we get closer to Cyber Monday.

I will update the list as I find more of them, so the numbering is in reverse order and the latest added ones will be on top. So let’s have a look :)

14. Oloneo

Oloneo Photoengine has been my go to HDR software for years now. And right now you can get it with a huge 55% discount. They don’t offer it so cheaply often :)

Head over to Oloneo page here.

Sean Oloneo Black Friday 2018

13. DxO Software

If you wanted to get the new Nik Collection 2 (for me the most used plugins in photo editing) and wanted to get onto the new updates, not is the best time. DxO offers 50% off on all of their software right now.

Head over to DxO site here.

DxO Black Friday 2018

12. Peak Design

Peak Design also likes to offer a lot of discounts for Black Friday. They just announced a new series of bags, so they have a nice 20% discount on the v1 line. Also there is a 15% discount on Clips and Straps and 10% off from their Travel Line.

Head over to the Peak Design site here.

Peak Design Black Friday 2019

11. Fstoppers tutorials

A lot of Fstoppers tutorials are on sale, with the code BF2019, but I would specially look at the ones from Elia Locardy, the Photographing the world series. They are not cheap, but they are huge and give you a lot of great content.

Head over to Fstoppers store here.

Fstoppers 2019

10. Imagenomic

Imagenomic is another maker of great plugins. I have been using Noiseware for years now. And if you do portraits, you should try Portraiture from them. They have a sale from the 26th November to the 2nd December with the code thanks2019.

Head over to the Imagenomic page here.

Imagenomic Black Friday 2018

9. Clip Studio Paint

Clip studio paint (also know as Manga Studio) is not a photography software, but for drawing. Still, it’s one of the best and one can get it as low as 25 usd today. I did buy a copy long time ago :) So if you like to draw, this may be for you.

Head over to Clip Studio Paint site here.

Clip stuido Black Friday 2018

8. OnOne Software

OnOne offers a Black Friday bundle for their Photo RAW software today too. You are not getting just the software, but a lot of bonuses on top of it.

Head over to OnOne site here.

OnOne Black Friday 2019

7. Affinity

Affinity also offers a 30% off discount on all their software, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator, you should check out Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

Head over to Affinity site here.

Affinity Black Friday 2019

6. Topaz Labs

I have been writing and also using all the recent AI applications from Topaz Labs. Especially the Gigapixel and DeNoise became a permanent part of my workflow. And right now, they offer a crazy bundle deal, for all their software, with the price going down from 639 usd to 299 usd. Get more info directly on the Topaz Labs website here.

Topaz Labs website can be found here.

Topaz BF2019

5. Pixpa

If you are looking for a place to make a beautiful portfolio website, you can have a look at Pixpa. There you can create a site in minutes, including galleries, store and a blog. There are multiple plans you can choose from, starting from $6/month. Right now, until the end of the year, you can get 50% off for the fist year with the code BFHDRS50.

Pixpa site can be found here.

4. Dotphoton Raw

This is quite something different. Dotphoton Raw is an app that compresses your RAW files, without changing the file format or lose in quality. If you are always running out of storage space on your HDD, this may be for you. And they even have a free option, so you can try it out for yourself. Right now, with the code BLACKFRIDAY, you get get 25% off lifetime and yearly licenses.

Dotphoton Raw site can be found here.

3. ACDsee

ACDsee software offers allot of different photo editing programs, and right now at discounted price (up to 70% off). Just head over to their store to check out the specific discounts.

The ACDsee software store can be found here.

ACDsee Black Friday 2019

2. Raya Pro

If you are looking for a Photoshop plugin that adds a lot of blending and photo editing functionality, you should take a look at Raya Pro by Jimmy McIntire. He currently has a 25% discount on the panel. I use this panel when editing every single photo. It makes the whole blending much more easier.
Head over to Jimmy’s page here.

Raya Pro Black Friday 2019

1. Master exposure blending video tutorial

As usually, I will start with my own discount. From today, until the end of the month, you can get my video tutorial series for 20USD instead of the usual 49USD (that’s around 60% off). You can buy it from the Master exposure blending page or directly here with Paypal.

Master Exposure Blending Black Friday 2019

New wallpapers

Time for more new wallpapers today. This time, I have for you 4 new wallpapers in 4K, all from Budpapest. As always, they are 3840x2160px in size and the files are 5-10Mb. So I would not download them on a slow connecton.

Don’t forget to check out other available wallpapers:

Budapest in 4K wallpapers

And here are the new wallpapers for you to download.

Budapest fireworks

I have not been updating the blog recently that much. No really big reason for that, I’m just tired and a bit unmotivated. It’s probably just that time of the year. Not in the mood to do much. This happens from time to time, and probably it’s the same for most of you. After a while, things change and I get a new bost in energy. But not there yet.

But let’s do another photo for today, one more from the St. Stephens day fireworks in Budapest. This is a single exposure, split into two and then blended them back together.

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