Happy new year everyone :) Hope you have all the best in 2017.

And to start off the blog, as usually, here is a midnight photo from the fireworks in Bratislava. This year I decided to go to the new Old bridge, and try a shot from there. It looked very promising, but right as the midnight approached, so did the fog. But I still got few useable photos, and here is one of those.

As every year, lets end this one with a photo I took right after midnight on the 1st January of this year. These was a projection of the Slovak flag on the Bratislava castle, and I presume there will be something similar this year. I’m just getting my gear ready and in few hours, it’s off to the city to take few new fireworks shots :)

Hope you all have a great Silvester 2016.

One more blue hour shot, this one of the SNP bridge in Bratislava during the Festival of light.

This is a blend of two exposure, done in Photoshop. I used a second, darker exposure to darken the light of the bridge.

As usually for the All Saints day, I’m sharing with you a photo taken on a nearby cemetery. While I usually go for a more wider shot, this year I thought I share with you a detail photo. This was a small angel, in front of one of the central crosses.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

One more shot from yesterdays evening in Bratislava, of the green lasers from top of the SNP bridge. This time from a different view-port, from the new Old bridge (which I almost completele forgot that is completed already, have to go there and get some photos of it :)).

This is a blend of two exposures. Most of this is one, with a second one used to blend in the castle and some lights on the bridge. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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