Today is the last day of the Bratislava Sensual Dance festival, so if I manage to get up tomorrow the blog should go back to normal posts again :) And for today, one of my favorite shots from Paris.


Those who follow me on my personal Facebook profile know, that I’m currently taking photos at the Bratislava Sensual Dance festival, so I’m crazy buy and crazy tire. And it will continue until Monday morning, so as I mentioned yesterday, just reposts until then. So here is one of my favorite shots I ever took of the Bratislava Castle :)


I’m a bit more busy this weekend, with also being a little sick, so there will be no new photos or articles in the next few days, and I will only be reposting few of my older photos.

So for today, a shot of the singing fountain in Kosice, in eastern Slovakia.


And again a year passed, and again we got to the Black friday deals. As usually, this is one of the best times you can buy software and tutorials on the web, so same as last year, I will list here the ones I use or I find interesting, with all the discount codes and links where to buy them. And if you would like to know more what software I personally use, you can check out this post, where I show each program I use.

HDRshooter sale

Add to CartOf course I will start with my own sale :) For the next week you can get my Master exposure blending tutorial videos with a 40% discount. Just use the code “BF2015” on checkout.

For more info, check the Master exposure blending page here.

Trey Ratcliff videos

From the 26th to the 30th, you will get 30% off from most of Treys tutorial videos, so head over to the StuckInCustoms store to check them out.

Btw. also the new HDR software the Aurora Pro is also available from Trey and Macphun. No discount there, but if you buy it now, you get a free copy of the Macphun plugin Noiseless.


At Infocusdeals you can get a nice video tutorial collection all about landscape photography from many talented photographers (Colby Brown, Ian Plant, Sean Bagshaw and more). You can check out the content and buy them (for 49usd) at the Infocusdeals website.

500px subscription

500px is currently running a 30% off promotion for the black friday, for their Plus and Awesome accounts. No promo code needed. Discount applied at checkout. More at 500px.com.

Smugmug Subscription

Same as last year, Smugmug is again offering a 40% off discount for new subscribers. So if you need a good portfolio site, I suggest you check it out. More info on the discount, on the smugmug blog here.

Topaz Collection

The Topaz Collection from Topaz Labs, which now with the new Topaz Texture Effects includes 17 different products, is normally sold for 499.99 USD, but from the 25th to the 30th you can pick up the whole collection for just 249.99 USD, that’s 50% off. To do so, you have to use the code “BLACKFRIDAY2015” at checkout. You can find the whole collection at the Topaz Store.

Imagenomic plugins

I’ve been using their Noiseware plugin for years now, and so can you, and much cheaper today :) Imagenomic is offering a 30% off discount on all their plugins from the 26th to the 30th, with the code “BF2015“. Here you can find Noiseware on Imagenomic site, but allso all the other plugins their provide.


Macphun is running a big promotion on their Creative Kit plugins collection, where for 89.99 usd you don’t just get the plugins, but a lot of tutorials, textures and other discounts. You can find it on the Macphun website. The offer is valid from the 21st November to the 1st December.

On1 plugins

On1 is having a sale on most of their software today, ranging from 20% to 50% off. You can head over to their web-page for more info, no code required.

Moo cards

The company Moo, which I mentioned yesterday, is having a cyber monday sale of 30% off on all products on monday the 30th. I think those that used them before can use the discount imediately (they send out a promo email about this :)), all other, on the 30th November. You can check out their website here at Moo.com.


This is not really photography related, but since I just picked up a copy for myself, maybe some of you will also find it interesting :) Manga studio (or Clip Studio Paint pro, as it’s the same software) is a really nice drawing software for your PC or Mac. And right now they are having a 65% off discount, where it costs only 14.99 usd. You can find out more on their official page.


Oloneo Photoengine

One of my favorite HDR softwares has the biggest sale I ever seen from them. A whooping 50% off until the December 28th. Thats 62 euro instead of regular 128 euro (+tax). This software I can only highly recommend. You can find it on their homepage www.oloneo.com, and the discount coupon should be applied for you. If not, it is “CHRISTMAS2015PE“.

That’s all for now, If I find any more interesting ones during the day, I will update the post :)


I wrote about the Moo businesses cards before, but as it was time to reorder again, I thought I mention them and their new product here.

I’ve been using Moo business cards for quite a while now. You can easily create sets, where every single card has a different photo on the back. So one side is always the same, with the other side showcasing your work. It really looks nice, and you can even choose if you want rounded corners or not, and the type of paper. Here are my new updated ones, where I changed the text color, to fit with the blog colors I’m using since this year :)

The new product Moo has introduced recently, are their Business cards +. On first glance, they look exactly the same as the regular cards (but are a bit pricier :)). But there is one difference. All these cards include a NFC chip inside. So if you touch the card to the back of your phone or tablet, that supports NFC, a defined actions will be performed. This can either be opening a website, add a contact, open an app in the store or forward to different social platform.

This is actually not done directly. Moo stores a link to their website in the card, and that link forwards the user to whatever you want. You can anytime go, login into Moo website and change what the NFC chip does.

Here are my Business cards +, but I made one mistake while creating them. And it was not apparent, until a fellow photographer pointed it out. I forgot to add the NFC logo into the cards design, so if I give the card to someone, and don’t tell them about the NFC, they will have no idea that it’s there. One just sometime has to learn on ones own mistakes :) Will be better next time.

To lean more about Moo cards, and their range of products, please visit their page here Moo.com.